Article : Role Of Talent Retention For Generation Y Employees In Kenya’s State Corporations: Empirical Review


Role Of Talent Retention For Generation Y Employees In Kenya’s State Corporations: Empirical Review


Alice Waithiegeni Kibui, Dr.Joyce Wacuka Kanyiri

The ability of an organization to build a strong pool of Talent is central to its success in the 21stcentury. One of the most critical Human resource problems facing managers in the public sector in Kenya today is how to attract and retain, the young educated workforce who happen to be quite different from the older generations in the way they perceive the work environment, whose motivations, beliefs and structures differ. Generation Y employees are here to stay and they will be filling the Talent pipeline for years to come. This generation makes up a huge segment of the talent pool, which means there is a strong need to retain and develop them for they are the necessary pipeline for the future. Retaining Generation Y employees in the public sector maybe not be easy today, as there are fewer financial rewards in the public service than in the private sector.   Indeed retention issues are emerging as the most critical workforce management challenges of the immediate future and successful organizations will be those which adapt their organizational behavior to the realities of the current work environment where longevity and success depends upon innovation, creativity and flexibility. An organization’s ability to retain talent holds economic benefits for the organization both through cost containment(decreasing replacement costs) and revenue generation (through efficient application of talent).One can therefore conclude that a study around talent retention offers great benefit for corporate environment.   This study aims to review literature related to retention of generation Y employees with the aim of establishing gaps for further research.

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