Article : Household Energy Consumption In Madurai And Salem Cities Of Tamil Nadu, India


Household Energy Consumption In Madurai And Salem Cities Of Tamil Nadu, India


K. Sakthi ,K. Muthuchelian

Energy is an essential requirement to perform each and every kind of activity in the Universe and its consumption pattern is in phase with the population and economic growth. The current world energy consumption primarily depends on the fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum fuels and natural gas. The rate of depletion of these conventional fuels is rapid and therefore it is the foremost concern to investigate the existing energy usage, consumption pattern and demand, especially in urban areas for efficient utilization of energy. In this respect, the present study is focused on the above said aspect in Madurai and Salem, the second and fifth largest and most densely populated cities, respectively in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. We have concentrated mainly on energy consumers of household sectors in these two cities. The energy consumption pattern of the household sector is found out through questioner survey and the energy demand is calculated. The variations in energy utilization are assessed by using cluster sampling method and the results are discussed. Since the energy demand and environmental deterioration are in rising trend, it is necessary to execute the energy conservation measures and utilize the renewable energy sources not only to overcome the energy demand but also to safe guard the health and wealth of the people reside in the Madurai and Salem cities. 

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