Article : Database Security: Best Practices For Securing The Database Of A Small Businesses


Database Security: Best Practices For Securing The Database Of A Small Businesses


Geetha Madhuri J.

Database security is concerned with ensuring the secrecy, integrity and availability of data stored in a database. Traditionally, databases have been highly secured against hackers through network security measures such as firewalls and network-based intrusion detection systems. Today, now securing the database systems, the programs / functions and data within them, has arguably became more critical as networks are increasingly more opened to wider access, in particular access from the Internet. Although large businesses are often the target of data spills by hackers, small businesses also have to be more concerned about their database security. In fact, Small businesses also have a lot more to lose due to data breaches because they generally have fewer infrastructures in place with less IT staff, so the risk of data loss is much higher compared to large businesses. Although small businesses do not make use of the same security measures that large businesses do, there are several other security measures through which a small business can strengthen up its database security. The present study intends to focus on the steps and the best practices involved in securing the databases of a small business.

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