Article : Effect Of Fluoride Toxicity On The Ultrastructural Morphology Of The Ovary Of Mice


Effect Of Fluoride Toxicity On The Ultrastructural Morphology Of The Ovary Of Mice


Arbind Kumar, Shashibala Kumari

Fluoride is well-known environmental pollutant and results in different types of fluorosis. The effect of fluoride on human health has long been of interest to biomedical researchers. Various studies show that fluoride causes adverse effects on the fertility. Lot of work has been done to assess the effect of fluoride toxicity on the male reproductive system, but reports of its effects on female reproductive system are few. The present investigation focuses on the ovary of mice treated with sodium fluoride .Scanning electron micrograph of ovarian surface epithelium of control mice showed cuboidal cells. Surfaces of the superficial cells contained numerous microvilli, blebs and ruffles of the plasma membrane.  Single cilium were seen among the microvilli and blebs. Ovarian follicles were seen in different stages of developments. After treatment with 20mg and 40mg NaF for 30 days,  the ovary of mice showed abrasion of the surface epithelium.  The cuboidal shape of the epithelium was distorted and mostly showed elongated shapes. Clumping of the ovarian surface epithelium was observed in many areas and cells were devoid of microvilli and blebs. The different stages of the development of the ovarian follicles were observed very less in number   in comparison to the control.  The findings may have direct bearing on the human drinking high fluoride water. 

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