Article : Evaluation Of Residual Stresses In Inconel-718 Welded By Electron Beam Welding


Evaluation Of Residual Stresses In Inconel-718 Welded By Electron Beam Welding


Chetan Jaiswal, Kul Bhushan Kumar Lamba

As with inventions and evolutions of other manufacturing processes, requirements and developments of our present atomic and space-age worked together to accomplish continuing gains in welding technology, i.e. stronger welds with less heat affected zone by evolving exotic new metal joining processes like laser, diffusion and electron beam welding (EBW). On the other hand a series of Nickel-Chromium-Iron (Inconel), alloys were developed principally to cater to the requirements for fabrication of aero-space and nuclear industries requirements.
A detailed study of EBW process was made with its inherent advantages/attributes in making use of this process and its limitations in welding of Inconel 718 for aero-space applications. Using optimum welding parameters for EBW in high vacuum mode Inconel-718 was welded. Welds so made were subjected to test the residual stresses developed during welding process. The effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) on the residual stresses was also checked. This paper establishes EBW as one of the best methods to carry out welding Inconel 718 when residual stresses are to be minimized.

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