Article : The Problem Of Corruption In Nigerian Society: A Way Forward


The Problem Of Corruption In Nigerian Society: A Way Forward


Dr. Omelukor, J.I., Dr. Nte, Daniel

This present article is the outcome of the author’s team observations on Nigerians and that virus called corruption for the past fifteen (15) years from (2000-2015) and its effect on us as Nigerians. Corruption as a concept is something natural unable to be corrected by the family institution hence it has become a global social problem confronting the member states of the United Nations organization, especially the third and second world countries. Sociologically, it is a behaviour against our societal values such as honesty, love, respect, we-feeling, solidarity and welfare which are communicated from person to person. It is a Latin origin, meaning “Destroy’. Truly, it is destroying us but we Nigerians are corrupt no exemption. As a citizen of this country we need to understand the true nature of corruption, its direction, causes, effects and remedy. But who is corrupting who, and why is it that media and civil society groups have failed in stopping this problem and the task ahead Nigerians. This problem became visible soon after the nation’s civil war, oil boom in 1970 and late 70s, respectively .corruption in our contemporary Nigerian society is becoming endemic. It is a wicked virus like the Ebola fever and Hiv/Aids diseases which has no cure but instant death. As a matter of fact, corruption is due to our weak social system and not political or economic factors as many claim. Hence, socio-religious factors are the major causes of corruption in our society. Therefore, Sociological and religious factors have been suggested as a way forward for this country since we are too greedy and selfish presently. To be frank a social problem requires a socio-religious solution, else it cannot be eradicated in our mist.    

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