Article : Biodiversity Scenario: Threats And Conservation Measures In India


Biodiversity Scenario: Threats And Conservation Measures In India


Dr. S. Deepa

Biodiversity plays an important role in all life forms in the Earth. India is being considered as one of the mega diversity country of the world and also with hotspots regions. It has the diversity of ecosystems, medicinal plants, crop plants and thus having the vast genetic diversity. Thus it needs conservation and the maintenance against threats. This great diversity of the world's plant and animal species has intrinsic value of human existence and commerce. A wide variety in physical features and climatic situations has resulted in a diversity of habitats and ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, mountains, wetlands, coastal and marine (mangroves and coral reefs) and deserts. Biodiversity that we see around ustoday, is the outcome of over 3.5 billion years of evolutionary development, shaped by natural processes and increasingly by human influence. It sustains the web of life and we fully depend upon it to meet our food, healthcare and other daily needs. Conserving biodiversity is basic to our survival and well-being and using it sustainable forms part of the Indian culture and lifestyle. Biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by it contribute to poverty eradication and national development. This paper highlights the impact and values of biological diversity and their different aspects about threats and conservation measures especially on Indian perspective. 

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