Article : Design And Flow Analysis Of Scramjet Inlet


Design And Flow Analysis Of Scramjet Inlet


D. Nirmal Kumar, S. Murugesan

 Scramjet inlets are an important component in its function and their design has sufficiently great effects on the overall performance of the engine.  Thus, the fore body capture shape of the engine inlet should conform to the vehicle body shape. A computational study for scramjet inlet with different ramp angles are studied to compress the air by rounding leading edge, moving the whole cowl up and down (contraction ratio), rotating the cowl lip and axisymmetric inlet with rounded edge. These geometric changes have remarkable influence on the flow in several aspects. However, the performance of the inlet tends to degrade as Mach number range increases. An air intake consisting of various ramps producing oblique shocks followed by a cowl shock is chosen in order to increase air mass capture and reduce spillage in scramjet inlets at Mach numbers below the design value and reduces the bubble in front of the inlet. An impinging shock may force the boundary layer to separate from the wall, resulting in total pressure recovery losses and a reduction of the inlet efficiency. Design an inlet to meet the requirements such as Low stagnation pressure loss, High static pressure and temperature gain and deceleration of flow to a desired value of Mach number. Fixed geometry inlets can be used only over a relatively narrow range of Mach number while one method to improve this performance is to use a variable-geometry inlets which can be used over a wide range of Mach number with reasonably good pressure recovery. A two dimensional analysis is carried out in this project. CATIA is used to create the model. GAMBIT is used to create the mesh. FLUENT is used to cover the flow analysis.

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