Article : Media: A Stimulating Force Of Social Change


Media: A Stimulating Force Of Social Change


Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak , Dhiraj Arya

In any democratic country the media plays a crucial role in creating, and reflecting the public opinion. Over the years the media became so powerful that it soon acquired the status of "Fourth Estate" as it was rightly described by the British politician Edmund Burke. The media scenario in India is among the most vibrant in the world. Media growth rates over the last decade have been phenomenal. Newspaper circulations are up rather than down, beating a worldwide decline in newspaper readership. There are close to 500 cable and satellite channels that are currently available, including more than 70, 24-hour news channels, along with a couple of hundred FM radio stations,  more than 70,000 registered newspapers, a fledgling community radio movement along with the state broadcasters -- Doordarshan and All India Radio. Cell phones have brought connectivity to rural India to the rest. Social media would be the next step for the transformation process. Various television channels have also given the space for ordinary citizens to air their views in the form of citizen journalists thereby promoting democratic participation. Newspapers have educated the masses by informing them of the developments in the field of science and technology. They have also expressed strong views against prejudices which harm the society. Much developmental news has also been aired through the medium of radio. In India public service broadcasting was given much importance after independence. It was used as a weapon of social change. AIR and Doordarshan, the public service broadcasters in the country had the responsibility of providing educational programs apart from information and entertainment. Media plays a very important and crucial role in enlightening and educating the masses. It can aid public involvement through advocating various socially relevant issues and transferring knowledge, skills and technologies to the people. Awareness about various rural development programmes, propagation of family planning could be spread by using the media. It made farmers aware of the new and improved methods of agriculture and protection of the crops.  This paper is an attempt to understand the role of media in bringing social change in the society.   

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