Article : Unemployment, Proliferation Of Small Arms And The Effects On Democracy In Nigeria’s Niger Delta: The Way Forward


Unemployment, Proliferation Of Small Arms And The Effects On Democracy In Nigeria’s Niger Delta: The Way Forward


Dr. Chukwu, Christian Chima, Chiemeka, Onyema

 The fundamental argument in this paper is that the prevalence of joblessness in the Niger Delta region despite the huge oil revenue accruing there from has ignited the proliferation of small arms and the twosome poses serious threats to the country’s nascent democracy. As the hub for the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, there has been the resurgence of assassinations, organized kidnapping, and other evils despite the so-called arms surrender. That Nigeria is one of the most resource-endowed nations in the world, but its citizens are among the poorest in the world remains pitiful. To achieve the objectives of the study, four research questions were formulated, which preceded the theory employed as theoretical framework to guide the study. Literatures related to the variables were reviewed.  Among the findings, the study affirms that the pervasiveness of joblessness in the midst of plenty is a threat to democracy. Also, the paper acknowledges that the escalating conflicts in the region from situations of tension to high levels of violence are a self-evident of the rise of small arms and light weapons. In addition, the paper avers that the presidential amnesty granted to youths in the Niger Delta for surrendering their arms to the Nigerian state so as to be re-absorbed into the society is distrustful, and not yielding the desired result.  Furthermore, the paper argues that since some hundreds of these youths are yet to be re-integrated into the society after demobilization and disarmament, the guns are set to begin to boom soon, taking oil industry workers as hostages and bombing oil installations, signaling that the fragile peace in the Niger Delta has snapped.  

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