Article : The Perils Of Sexual Violence Against Women: A Case Of Abakaliki And Ikwo Local Government Areas Of Ebonyi State, South- East Nigeria


The Perils Of Sexual Violence Against Women: A Case Of Abakaliki And Ikwo Local Government Areas Of Ebonyi State, South- East Nigeria


Dr. Chukwu, Christian Chima, Dr. Anyaoha, Okey

 This quantitative study examines the perils of sexual violence against women in Abakaliki and Ikwo Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State of South-Eastern Nigeria. In a setting as ours, victims of sexual violence keep sealed lips to protect their personal images, family names, reputation and future. Little doubt that it was painstaking embarking on the study. However, to achieve the purpose of the study, three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study and a sample of only 150 women out of the hundreds that had been sexually assaulted volunteered themselves from the various women’s groups for the study. Data are collected using questionnaire as the major instrument and analyzed using independent t-test to test the hypotheses at 05 level of significance. Findings reveal that physical injuries inflicted on women range from cuts and bruises to broken bones and loss of consciousness. In other words, women’s physical, emotional and psychological vitality, including their sense of safety and security is shattered. In addition, the study also show that victims of sexual violence have high rates of persistent post-traumatic stress disorder and they make up the largest single group diagnosed with the disord er. Since its prevalence certainly speaks against the essence of the government and the state, and the government of Nigeria cannot be said to have covered any appreciable distance in its deterrence let alone eradication. In this vein, the paper recommends the sponsoring of more research studies in the country, particularly in the areas of study in order to strengthen the laws so as to reduce, if not totally stop, the social infamy in its tracks. Based on this,  the paper concludes that there should be advocacy and concerted action  by the educational, health, civil and religious sectors of the society to  improve evolve sustainable structures to halt this dehumanizing gender-based violence against women. More so, provide support to enable victims to react appropriately because keeping sealed lips contradicts all tenets of human rights. 

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