Article : Human Rights Abuse In Chhattisgarh And Jammu-Kashmir: A Comparative Study


Human Rights Abuse In Chhattisgarh And Jammu-Kashmir: A Comparative Study


Praveen Kumar, Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak,Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh

 One thing that is equally important for the whole human race is the right of living on this earth. It is considered that in the beginning of the civilization, all the humans had the right of living equally.  But as the time passed on and humans started to develop, then a human started abusing the rights of other human. Human beings started this practice by making the weaker people their slaves. With the passage of time, different empires raised and with it the fights between the kingdoms also came into existence that seized the rights of humans. Now others are started to deal with the rights of humans. The two world wars were only fought for extending the empires. After a huge loss of lives and properties, the word Human Rights came forward on the stage of the world. Here the question arises that what is Human right? In this world, if any man or woman faces unjust on the basis of any religious, cast, cultural or political thinking then it is called the abolition of human rights. After the French revolution, a new system established in the world, in which it is said that each and every person on this globe has the right to live independently and equally. If we talk about the  Indian context, when the issue of Human Rights, during world war II, were rising on the global stage , the people of India were also fighting for their greatest right i.e., “Right of Freedom”.  After a lot of struggle, the people of India finally got freedom but only after a few years the news of internal disputes alarmed all over the country. Even today the news of violation of Human rights is coming into notice from some parts of India.  India is a secular, sovereign and non-aligned country, besides all that a major chunk of people are still getting exploited on the basis of religion, region, and caste. “Separatist insurgents and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, the Northeastern States, and the Naxalite beltc ommitted numerous serious abuses, including killings of elected political leaders, armed forces personnel, police, government officials, and civilians. Insurgents were responsible for numerous cases of kidnapping, torture, rape, extortion, and the use of child soldiers” (India 2013 Human Rights Report).

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