Article : Studies On The Selection Of Probiotic Strain For Economical Production


Studies On The Selection Of Probiotic Strain For Economical Production


Shweta Hardia, Dr. Sanjeeda Iqbal

Probiotics are the natural health supplements which are used for both animal and human. Much of research has been done on the beneficial effects of probiotics suggesting a large number of probiotic strains available. Generally the probiotic strains which are used as health supplements are grown on expensive media with complex nutrients. This results in the high cost of the pharmaceutical product formed by these. To isolate potentially effective probiotic bacteria, we screened the microbial population having probiotic properties with less complex nutritional requirements. In total, 80 bacterial strains known to have probiotic properties were assessed. This study has reveled two strains namely, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus plantarum, which have all the major probiotic properties and can be grown effectively on waste materials. It is a sort of screening for probiotics with respect to presence of probiotic properties and less complex nutritional requirements. The growth of screened probiotics have been analyzed on waste material (fruit peels) and the growth was found to be unaffected w.r.t. probiotic properties.  In summary, we developed criteria for in vitro selection of probiotic bacteria that may be easily grown on waste raw materials without any alternation of their properties. The study provides an economical way of probiotics production. 

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