Article : A Novel Nine-Switch Converter For Solar Energy Generation Systems


A Novel Nine-Switch Converter For Solar Energy Generation Systems


Mahaboob Subahani A, Dr. Ashok Kumar L

Solar energy generation systems usually include the Solar Panels which generate the electricity, the Charge Controller to control battery charging, the Power Inverter that makes AC from the batteries to run the appliances, the storage batteries which store the excess power for use when the sun is weak or not available, and AC generators for back-up power sometimes. All these entities have their own converters since the solar energy is DC but domestic loads are dealing with AC. Even though this approach made the system flexible and easy design for the converter, this will not give the solution for some practical issues like increased switch count and poor utilization of solar panel. But all these issues must be taken into account since solar energy generation is bulky and cost effective. The proposed system is mainly concentrate on these issues and provides better solution. This also allows various combinations of solar sources, energy storages and local loads to be compactly assembled for either grid-tied or standalone usage. This new topology consists of a single bridge Nine IGBT switches have been simulated using MATLAB/Simulink which has the rating of 120 V DC from the Solar panel, the output voltage of 226 V RMS grid voltage and the DC-link voltage of 440 V.

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