Article : Water Resources And Sustainable Development


Water Resources And Sustainable Development


Dr. P. Subramanyachary

This paper focuses on water resources and water sustainability for future generations. Water is critical for human survival, economic development, and environment indeed; few other resources affect so many areas of the economy or human and environment health. Water plays a vital role in the economy, through its use in agriculture and industry as well as supplying energy through hydropower. Unrestricted exploitation of groundwater has other manifestations. In West Bengal, almost 5, 00,000 people are affected by arsenic through ground water. Increased salinity in Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu as well as high fluoride levels in peninsular India and western parts of the country affect nearly 14 million people. The solution lies in recharging of aquifers to stabilize the flow as well as arrest contamination. To check the depletion of groundwater aquifers, a regulatory mechanism needs to be created and rigorously implemented. Besides this, regarding water resources disputes arise among different regions, states and countries. For example Kaveri water disputes between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and Krishna water disputes among Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. After the Stockholm Conference on Human environment in 1972 it was considered appropriate to have uniform law all over country for broad environment problems endangering the health and safety of our people as well as of our flora fauna. The water (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974 is the first enactment by the Parliament in this direction. The framework for water policy for sustainable development and shows how water policy is linked to policies in other sectors including public finance, agriculture, energy, industry and commerce, health, transport and environment. As water is indispensable natural resource on this earth there should be priority to sustain water resources. Since growth of population increases the consumption of water resources also increases. In order to meet demand for water the society has to utilize all the available water sources systematically and water should be exploited. The Governments have to make proper laws in accordance with situation. By following appropriate water policy sustainability water is possible.

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