Article : Supply Chain Transformation Matrix (ASCTM) Based Supplier- Buyer Relationships To Improve Supply Chain Agility


Supply Chain Transformation Matrix (ASCTM) Based Supplier- Buyer Relationships To Improve Supply Chain Agility


P. Aishwarya, M. Balaji

under today’s volatile business environment, companies are reaching the point where they need to be more agile – intelligent, fast, flexible, and responsive to changes. Leveraging supplier-buyer relationships to create agile supply chains is one of the strategies that can help companies make a successful transition to an agile enterprise. The purpose of this paper is to validate a tool, Agile Supply Chain Transformation Matrix (ASCTM), and the implementation methodology for a systematic approach to achieve agility in the supplier- buyer supply chain. The ASCTM tool is constructed using the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) technique. This tool can help companies create and improve their agility by relating the business changes with the appropriate approaches for supplier-buyer supply chain configuration and supplier-buyer relationship establishment and determine the business processes and the infrastructures needed to support the creation of agile capability.
The ASCTM tool constitutes an important effort to bridge the gap between theory and practice as it is used to achieve supply chain agility in practice. The ASCTM tool is developed with the aim to help companies identify the most appropriate way to improve their supply chain agility by contrasting the environmental dynamics and changes to the company’s ability to keep pace using the systematic approach. This tool is necessary because different companies experience different sets of changes and require different degree of agility and combination of strategies and practices to achieve agility. For practitioners, the ASCTM tool provides a basis for assessing their business situations and a guideline for identifying capability required for creating/improving supply chain agility.

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