Article : Cultural Interpretation Of Disability And Disabled People’s Access To Healthcare In An Urban Ghana


Cultural Interpretation Of Disability And Disabled People’s Access To Healthcare In An Urban Ghana


Acheampong Enoch

 Disability\r\nis a complex phenomenon, reflecting an interaction between features of a\r\nperson’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives. Disability is part of human life and people, and can be found in\r\nevery society, culture and community throughout the world. People\r\nwith disabilities receive negative publicity worldwide and are stigmatized and\r\ndiscriminated against in spite of growing evidence of the importance of\r\nhealthcare for disabled people and development. Most people with disability are\r\nunable to access quality healthcare due to their conditions and the stigma\r\nattached characterized by shame, blame, secrecy, labeling, isolation, social\r\nexclusion and discrimination. A qualitative study was conducted to explore how\r\ncultural interpretation of disability influence disabled people’s access to\r\nhealthcare. Purposive sampling was employed to select 43 respondents from the\r\nregister of the disabled people at the department of Social Welfare in the\r\nKumasi Metro. Focus group discussion and interviews were used to collect data.\r\nData has been categorized and presented based on the various themes that\r\nemerged during data collection. The study has found that socio-cultural factors\r\nthat influence access to health care by disabled people are; inadequate of\r\ninformation about treatment and healthcare, attitude of healthcare providers,\r\nvisit to traditional healers and fetish priest as well as prayer camps,\r\nstigmatization of disability, cultural explanation of disability. It is\r\nrecommended that there should be the political will and commitment on the part\r\nof central government to implement the dictates of the Disability Act of Ghana\r\nare implemented. 

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