Article : Confronting The Boko Haram Menace In Nigeria: Old Hopes, New Hurdles


Confronting The Boko Haram Menace In Nigeria: Old Hopes, New Hurdles


Dr. Alafuro Epelle

 In recent time, the Nigerian state has been confronted with a new wave of civil unrest concentrated mainly in the northern part of the country. The revolt which is in pursuant of an extreme politico-religious objective by the Boko Haram Islamic sect has pitched them against state institutions and other religious groups in the region. In its attempt to actualize its inordinate aim the sect has employed all instruments of insurgency to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens. To counter this ugly scenario and maintain hegemonic stability in the polity, the state has deployed a lot of measures ranging from pacifism to outright military containment against the group. Incidentally, the efficacy of these measures in checking the menace of the sect or even attenuating the ferocity of their attacks remains to be seen. The result has been a loss of faith by some in the ability of the Nigerian state to lay claim to being the only entity with the monopoly to the legitimate use of force within its territory. Against this despondency by citizens, the paper reviews the steps taken so far to restore peace in the region, the inadequacies inherent in such measures and consequently, what the state can do to pacify the group and as corollary, maintain its hegemonic influence in the area.  

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