Article : Migration And Labour Market Challenges Of West African Immigrants With Finnish Qualifications In Helsinki, Finland


Migration And Labour Market Challenges Of West African Immigrants With Finnish Qualifications In Helsinki, Finland


Teinye Briggs, Ngboawaji Daniel Nte

This work tries to   investigate the challenges faced by immigrants with Finnish qualifications in the labour market. In this study, specific emphasis is placed on West African Immigrants with Finnish qualifications in Helsinki, Finland; the study in trying to achieve this did an extensive review of the pattern of labour migration in an era of globalisation. It also examined the patterns of emigration from Africa of immigration to Finland and also looked into the challenges faced by immigrants with regards to the problems of integration, job placement and the challenges of ethnic and racial segregation. Consequently, a case study of West African immigrants was chosen for specific analysis. Qualitative analysis was chosen using the semi structured interview to elicit responses from four respondents who were chosen from the Greater Helsinki area. This is in addition to personal observation as a fellow West African immigrant who is at the verge of entering the Finnish labour market with a Finnish academic qualification too. The findings were divided into three parts with the first part focusing on Finnish universities’ experiences of the interviewees. This is to assess the level of integration and acceptance into the Finnish society. The second part dwells on real life experiences after graduation and the different dimensions of challenges faced by the respondents. The last part tried to look at the psychosocial impediments confronting West African immigrants in Finland in the course of job search after graduation. Useful recommendations were offered to improve the lots of these immigrants in the Finnish labour market for the over all development of the country. 

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