Article : Rogowski Based Coil Measurements In Relation To A New Laboratory Ionospheric Simulator (Ionospektroskop)


Rogowski Based Coil Measurements In Relation To A New Laboratory Ionospheric Simulator (Ionospektroskop)


Hui Tang

Ionosphere is extending from a height about 50 km to over 500 km. Its existence mainly depends upon the solar radiation. Ingredients of the ionosphere are neutral atmosphere and electrically charged particles. Be-cause of these eclectically charged particles, ionosphere becomes conductible. The importance of the ionosphere for the modern society is well-known. For probing the ionosphere, there are already various measuring techniques in use. At the same time, in order to understand the ionospheric physical processes and forecast the ionospheric conditions, different ionospheric models are present.  In the current study, a new laboratory ionospheric simulator (Ionospektroskop) is developed that is thought of as a new measuring arrangement and provides a laboratory partial simulation of the ionosphere surrounding; it enables to handle the adaptation to the ionospheric conditions which must be reproduced in the laboratory.  This kind of development makes a close study and investigation of the characteristics of the ionosphere possible. Ionosphere-like plasma created by the Ionospektroskop represents a similar electric characteristic as the ionosphere holds. In order to look into this kind of characteristic of the generated plasma, a well known measuring technology called Rogowski coil current sensing technology is required. Based on the operating principle of this measuring technology, measuring the electrical properties (such as the current) of the created plasma gets easier. In this paper, an example of a Rogowski based coil measurement related to the Ionospektroskop is given.

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