Article : Globalization & Bollywood: A Study Of Selected Movies


Globalization & Bollywood: A Study Of Selected Movies


Suman Kumari, Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak

 In the course of Hindi cinema‚Äôs long history, it has seen an extra ordinary evolution in many ways. Over times, there has been a continuous change in the construction of women characters in popular Hindi-language cinema. The changing concern aspects relating to nearly all facets of a woman life, namely her relationships with other people, the work she does and the social activities she engages in. Bollywood movies have portrayed all such different characters of women in a very constructive manner.  In addition to all these roles, romanticism or romantic approach and the changes of approach in this regard have been portrayed brilliantly in Bollywood Hindi movies right through the ages. Romanticism describes a movement in the history of culture, an aesthetic style, and an attitude or spirit. As a movement, romanticism involved a revolt against convention and authority and a search for freedom in personal, political, and artistic life and Bollywood movies have sketched all these aspects of romanticism. It further elaborates about the overall changes of approach, life style, status and other aspects of women. Hence, it would be appropriate to go through all the milestone romantic movies and study the role of female lovers that have redefined the overall personality of women. The present research paper will focus on Globalization and the Bollywood Romantic movies. The researcher has used the secondary source of information in order to make the research paper more attractive, interesting and informative. The focus of the paper is more on Romanticism than Globalization.

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