Article : Design And Analysis Of Hybrid Selection Sort Algorithm


Design And Analysis Of Hybrid Selection Sort Algorithm


Partha Sarathi Dutta

The sorting problem asks us to rearranging the items of a given list either in ascending, descending or lexicographic order. The items may be of any type like numerical, alphabetical or alphanumeric. There are many sorting algorithm that have discovered but there is no algorithm that would be the best solution in all situations. Some of the algorithms are good for small size of input, other for large number of input. So, there is always a need to design an efficient sorting algorithm. An efficient algorithm is required for optimizing the use of other algorithm such as searching in the database which works fast only on data that are previously in sorted order. This paper proposed a new sorting algorithm named as “Hybrid Selection Sort Algorithm, HSSA” which combines the techniques of old selection sort algorithm with modification and another algorithm named as end-to-end comparisons algorithm. This HSSA has compared with the old selection sort algorithm and showed that HSSA performed better by reducing the number of comparisons as well as the number of passes.

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