Article : Optimization Of Nozzle


Optimization Of Nozzle


Subin H

This assessment examines the costs and benefits of
improving the nozzle efficiency in a rocket. Mainly two
types of nozzles are there, one is the Wind tunnel nozzle
(uniform exit velocity) & and the other is the propulsion
nozzle (maximum thrust, length of contour have to
optimize). It includes the various discussions of
technologies, design and analysis of two types of nozzles.
The nozzles that are taken into account are conical and
bell nozzle. A new profile is created in such a way that, its
contour will be the average of conical & bell nozzle. This
project finds a nozzle which produces maximum thrust as
well as maximum performance than any other two
nozzles. Taken different contour profiles velocity and
thrust, so as to determine exit velocity and thrust of
various nozzles, as well as maximum thrust can be
obtained. CFD – viscous, turbulent, flow separation,
vector plot, pressure plot, Mach plot are obtained. This
works depicts ways of improving economy by improving
the nozzle design. The results are solved analytically as
well as in CFD software. The analysis is done using

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