Article : Society, Economy And Women Domestics: A Survey On South Kolkata In The 21st Century


Society, Economy And Women Domestics: A Survey On South Kolkata In The 21st Century


Swati Basak

 In this research paper there is an attempt to understand the real socio economic situation of the women live in domestic servants in the twenty first century South Kolkata.  Domestic work is considered as feminine, underpaid and a part of vast informal economy.  So domestic servants in our society are generally exploited, underpaid and they don’t have any proper bargaining power.  As they are not literate enough to get other jobs they negotiate with the present situation knowing that they are exploiting by their employers.  Generally widowed, deserted women from rural areas come to the city in search of jobs. Loss of familial resources or being deprived by relatives from familial assets forces them to migrate and work as domestic servants in cities.  The relationship with the employers or the mistresses is very complex, sometimes exploitative and sometimes sympathetic.  The servants work hard to make their children educated so that they need not have to do the same job.  They struggle throughout their life to fulfill their dreams.  This paper is a lively portrayal of the women domestics of South Kolkata in the present society.

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