Article : Annotation Of Stories Based On Twitter’s Tweets


Annotation Of Stories Based On Twitter’s Tweets


Amitkumar Vinayak Gundad, Chetan K R

 In the social world, people are more concern about the social media such as Twitter updates, because of the regular are frequent update in the Twitter tweets about the event or news occurred the impact is huge. This update floods the complete media world from all sorts of people commenting or complementing the stories. Some social up- dates can support professionally written news articles. In this work we consider the problem of annotating news stories with supporting social updates (tweets), and the high volume of news stories. The rate of news and tweets are very high - pageviews (millions to billions a day) and tweets (more than 100 millions a day). This makes the real-time indexing of tweets very difficult, as this requires an indexing of frequently updated social content. So we propose an architecture where each story is treated as a subscription for tweets relevant to the stories content and algorithms that effectively matches tweets to stories. Also it’s vital to maintain top-k tweets to stories, which can be fulfilled by publisher and subscriber model. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach on real world data.  

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